Gun drilling

Gun drilling Job Work

  Drilling Size : -                           3 mm to 40 mm

  Drilling Length : -                     Up to 3200 mm

  Table Size : -                               2400 mm x 1400 mm .

  Component Type : -                 Square Bar, Round Bar, Step Bar, Forging Body 

  Material Grade : -                     Steel, Stainless Steel, Non Ferrous , Super Alloy

  Weight carrying capacity : -  Up to 15 tons.

    At Cretek Engineering Pvt Ltd, We have imported 3 axis Gun drill machine in our work shop to facilitate our customer with all solution at one place. 3 Axis gun drill machine is doing drilling from 3 mm to 40 mm with Drilling length up to 3200 mm.  Our HTT's Gundrill machine in our work shop is having Table size of 2400 mm X 1400 mm allowing us up to 15 tons weight carrying capacity. We have customers all over India specially in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our Kubadthal located Work shop giving you all solutions at one place. Gun Drill machine at kubadthal workshop allowing drill holes efficiently with high efficiency.  3 axis Gun drilling operation provide close control over drilling process

    The gun drilling process  have been refined for maximum performance and use on modern and dedicated machinery like we have. We achieved best productivity and process reliability in our 3 Axis Gun Drill Machine- Ahmedabad. Cretek Engineering Pvt Ltd provide job work services in drilling holes with different specialty machinery. We also keep Single axis gun drill machine ideal for large as well as small components mandrills and shafts. 

    As our machine worked in 3-axis, we get the opportunity to offer our customers gun drilled holes concentric to the diameter as well as offset from the diameter through practically any shaped components. Gundrills can make holes of exact required size, with precision tolerance, burr-free holes procedure It can also be used with Blind Holes.  

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